using midi with ejamming:

STEP 4:  The MIDI Track is Added to the Member's Seat:

When the Member sending MIDI triggers plays his/her MIDI controller, the keyboard icon on their MIDI tracks will flash and each member should hear the instrument sound as created by their own General MIDI sound bank:

STEP 6:  Each Member Selects their MIDI Input Devices in eJamming Preferences.

Each member in the session opens their own eJamming Preferences, CLICKS the MIDI tab and uses the Selector arrows to SELECT the MIDI input and MIDI output devices catalogued in Preferences, CLICKS "APPLY" and "OK'.

STEP 5: Each Member in the Session Loads a General MIDI Sound Bank into their eJamming Software.

In order to hear the Instrument sound sent to their seat by the member using their MIDI controller, each member of the Session must load their own GENERAL MIDI SOUND BANK into their eJamming software.  

Each Member CLICKS their eJamming "FILE MENU" and SELECTS the "LOAD SOUNDBANK" command.  A dialog will open asking them to LOCATE their General MIDI sound bank on their computer and LOAD it.

STEP 3:  Session Leader Selects the General MIDI Instrument: 

The Session Leader clicks the Instrument Selector arrow, disclosing the type of instrument display, then CLICKS the Instrument Category to disclose the kind of Instrument Sound for that track (in this illustration, GUITAR>DISTORTION GUITAR)​​ then CLICKS "ADD TRACK"

STEP 2:  Session Leader Selects MIDI for the Track Type
The Session Leader uses the selection arrows to SELECT  "MIDI" as the Track Type in the Track Settings dialog.  This will open the "MIDI Instrument" selection dialog.

STEP 1:  Add a MIDI Track to the Seat of the member using their MIDI Controller

The Session Leader adds a MIDI track to the seat of the member who wants to use their MIDI controller to generate MIDI triggers.  ​[NOTE: IN THESE ILLUSTRATIONS, IT WILL BE THE SESSION LEADER WHO IS PERFORMING THESE TASKS].

To add a MIDI track to a member's seat, the Session Leader CLICKS ​the UPPER DISCLOSURE ARROW on the member's seat
​and when the seat settings dialog appears, CLICKS ​"ADD TRACK":

Before there was eJamming AUDiiO, eJamming was MIDI only. You can still add up to 16 MIDI tracks total (over all the seats in your session) in addition to 16 audio tracks (over all the seats in your session).​

HOWEVER, to use MIDI with eJamming, EVERY MEMBER IN YOUR SESSION MUST LOAD A GENERAL MIDI SOUNDBANK INTO THEIR EJAMMING SOFTWARE, which, frankly, can be a big pain, because members must either buy a GENERAL MIDI SOUND BANK (not a MIDI sound bank but a GENERAL MIDI sound bank, which uses a more specific list of instrument sounds) or find a reputable free GENERAL MIDI sound bank and download it into their computer.

If you use a MIDI controller, it's better to create the audio using your external sound generator and route that audio into your eJamming computer and then into your session on your seat. That way, you'll be transmitting live audio to your session partners and they won't need to load a General MIDI sound bank into their eJamming app.

But if your sound generator is software inside your computer and you can't connect your sound generator so it can transmit the audio from your sound generator software into eJamming, then here is how you can use MIDI with eJamming: