When the recording is over, the LEADER CLICKS the "STOP" button next to the "RECORD" button on the transport.  [NOTE: the PLAY button cycles between STOP and PLAY]

                                           STOP:                PLAY:

- You can only record in a track-by-track manner on eJamming using eJamming's "VRS" (Virtual Recording Studio) Mode.  

- Only the member who CREATES the Session (called the "Session Leader") can CHANGE the session mode from "JAM MODE" to "VRS MODE".

- See Setting Up VRS Mode and Using Pre-Recorded Tracks if you need guidance on those topics first.

Depending on how many PRE-ROLL measures have been selected by the LEADER on the eJamming Preferences>Song tab:

The MEASURE and TIME counters will count down to the beginning of the recording [NOTE: the indicators will change from RED (Pre-Roll) to BLACK (Active Recording)] and recording begins.

​[NOTE: The newly recorded track will be synchonized in real time to any pre-recorded tracks loaded by the LEADER at the start of the session and transferred to the session members via SEND SONG].

Recording the First Take:

Once you've rehearsed and you're ready to record, the Session LEADER should rewind the session to the beginning by CLICKING the "FAST REWIND" button on the transport, then CLICK the red "RECORD" command on the transport at the bottom of the app. Make sure to record enable (REC) the track of the musician about to be recorded.

[NOTE 1: the transport is only enabled in VRS Mode]

[NOTE 2: If the CLICK/Metronome is enable, as it is in the below transport image, musicians will be able to play to the designated tempo.]


recording on ejamming:

​        Recording the First Track

To listen to the recording, The LEADER CLICKS "FAST REWIND" and then CLICKS "PLAY".  Since the track was recorded on each session member's computer, the track will play back on each member's computer.  EACH MEMBER can independently control the Playback level, pan, solo and mute on each member's seat during PLAYBACK, adjusting them to their liking.

The Wave-Form and Audio Levels will be displayed in real time during the recording.  

[NOTE: depending on your computer's processor and graphics card, the wave form may not be displayed until the recording of that track is completed]