recording on ejamming:

        Recording and Managing Additional Tracks and Takes

Playing Back Tracks:

When the recording is over, the LEADER CLICKS the "STOP" button, then CLICKS "FAST REWIND" and then CLICKS "PLAY".  Since the tracks were recorded on each session member's computer, all tracks will play back on each member's computer.

Recording a Different Session Member:

The LEADER CLICKS the "RECORD ENABLE" ("REC") command on the track of the next member to be recorded, ADJUSTS the "Level" on the Live Fader and the "Balance" on that Member's seat and CLICKS the "RECORD" button on the Transport.

Deleting Takes:

The LEADER can edit takes by CLICKING the LOWER DISCLOSURE ARROW on the track to be edited and CHOOSING "DELETE LAST TAKE" or "DELETE TAKE" which will display a list of takes.  The LEADER can then choose which takes to delete.  

[NOTE: The LEADER can also delete the entire track by CLICKING "DELETE TRACK" so be careful not to delete tracks when you only want to delete a take].

Additional Tracks:

The LEADER can also add addition Tracks (as opposed to new takes) to a session member's seat if they wish to overdub or record additional parts or instruments. 

The LEADER adds a NEW TRACK to a member's seat by CLICKING the "Upper

Disclosure Arrow" on that member's seat and then CLICKING "ADD TRACK"  

In the illustration to the right, the Upper Disclosure Arrow is labeled "Session Settings Pull Down arrow".

[NOTE: The LEADER should label the new track with a different label than the first track].

Additional Takes:

If the members wish to record ADDITIONAL TAKES of the same track, the LEADER REWINDS the track being recorded to the beginning of the track, makes sure the performer's track is Record Enabled and CLICKS the "RECORD" button.  A new take will be recorded and labeled Take 2 by eJamming.  

[NOTE: Each subsequent new track will be labeled by the next higher Take number.  Each member can review the takes that were recorded on their track by CLICKING the lower disclosure arrow, which will display the list of takes.

Remember, recording on eJamming is an add-a-track recording process.