manage your subscription:

REMEMBER: Your subscription RENEWS AUTOMATICALLY until you SIGN IN to the eJamming app,

CLICK the STORE tab and CANCEL it.

4) Next: Review Your Subscription Details:

    - Review the Subscription Period to make sure it's the one you want.  

    - Review the Subscription Price per Period (NOTE: Your subscription renews until cancelled).

    - Review which provider is processing your subscription (Amazon or PayPal).  

    - Then CLICK the link to PayPal or the Amazon button to be taken to the Payment screen at your

    provider.  Log into your PayPal or Amazon account and provide your payment details.

    - That's it!

3) Next: Select Your Payment Method:

     CHOOSE "PayPal", then CLICK the "Confirm" button. (Amazon no longer supports recurring payments)

2) The eJamming Store displays information about the status of your FREE Trial or Subscription:

Check your current Status on the "Your Subscription Period" line:

Check the date your Free Trial ends or the date your current Subscription renews on the

"Renews on/Subscribe by" line. 

Choose which Subscription Plan you want:         

ANNUAL        US$89.95/year

(25% discount off the Monthly price - like getting 3 months free; RENEWS every 12 months)         

QUARTERLY  US$24.95/quarter

(15% discount off the Monthly price; RENEWS every 3 months)       

MONTHLY     US$9.95/month

(Standard price; RENEWS each month)

Then CLICK the "Subscribe" button.


1) SIGN IN to the eJamming AUDiiO app and CLICK "STORE" on the navigation bar:

eJamming's subscription model gives a subscriber access to creating or joining eJamming sessions after their 30-day Free Trial.

Set up your subscription and it AUTOMATICALLY RENEWS until you cancel it.  

We use PayPal to process eJamming subscriptions because PayPal is trusted, reliable and well known around the world. With PayPal you can charge your credit card OR link your bank account to your PayPal account to process your eJamming subscription.  

[NOTE: PayPal doesn't notify in advance of your renewal date.]

[IMPORTANT: Remember to update your credit card information at PayPal when your card renews or expires to keep your access to eJamming from being cancelled.