An eJamming SESSION can contain up to FOUR SEATS.  Each Member owns a seat in the session, and  each seat contains the following controls which can be adjusted to each Member's liking at their own location:

LIVE AUDIO FADER controls the volume level of a member's audio stream.


LIVE AUDIO (M) MUTE and (S) SOLO buttons. CLICK "MUTE" to MUTE that member's audio stream.  CLICK "SOLO" to MUTE all other audio streams but that one.

LIVE AUDIO BALANCE KNOB controls the pan placement of a member's audio stream.

MICROPHONE ICON: CLICK it to mute your microphone if you want to have a private conversation at your physical location or if you are generating feedback.

AUDIO LEVEL METER displays the volume level of that member's audio stream: GREEN for a good level, YELLOW for caution, it can clip and RED if the level is definitely clipping.

       CLICK the red LEAVE button to leave the session.

TRACK SIGNIFIER: TYPE the instrument you play in the Track Signifier entry and hit ENTER on your keyboard to display it to other session members.

The following three commands are only available to the Session Leader:

ADD SEAT: CLICK "ADD SEAT" to add another seat to your session.

CLICK the UPPER DISCLOSURE ARROW to display the Session Settings choices

CLICK the LOWER DISCLOSURE ARROW to display the Track Settings choices

[NOTE: CLICKRECORDING ON EJAMMING for instructions how to record your eJamming sessions]


ejamming user interface

jam mode

This Mode is for LIVE Jamming and is set by the session creator, called the Session Leader.  If the Mode is set to "VRS" Mode, then the session is set to RECORD track-by-track.