ejamming user interface

lobby view

NEW SESSION: CLICK to create a session (NOTE: If the Session Creation Window doesn't appear,  CLICK "HOME" on the Navigation Bar, then back to "SESSION".  It will appear).

NAVIGATION BAR: CLICK any topic on the Navigation Bar to switch to that application.

HELP: CLICK to access Help files in the eJamming Forum.

NAME FRAME: Your User Name and Port Status are displayed in the Name Frame.  If your IN port is BLOCKED, CLICK the "OPEN MY PORTS" tab on this page above.

THE SESSION LIST:CLICK on a Session Name in the Session List and it expands to show details.  A seat may be RESERVED FOR YOU or it may be OPEN; if either case applies to you, the "JOIN SESSION" button will be displayed.  CLICK "JOIN SESSION" to join the Session.  Sessions whose seats are occupied cannot be joined until a Seat opens.

SESSION WINDOW:CLICK "JAM MODE" on this page above for details.

THE LOBBY MEMBER LIST: Displays the list of Members who are currently logged into eJamming.

        CLICK a Member's Name to display their Mini-Profile. 

        CLICK "MORE" on their Mini-Profile to display their Full Profile.

        CLICK "CHAT" on their Mini-Profile to start a private text chat,

LOBBY CHAT WINDOW: the pane on the right displays the current Lobby Chat.  Any text message you post to Lobby Chat can be read by any member who logs into eJamming.  If you want to have a Private Chat, CLICK "CHAT" on a Member's Mini-Profile to start a Private Chat.

CHAT SELECTOR:CLICK the tabs above the LOBBY CHAT WINDOW to switch between "World", "Session" or "Private" Chats (which are indicated by the User Name of the member chatting with you).  When a member posts a message to your private chat with them, that Chat label will flash.